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Authentic vs. Fake Soccer Jerseys

Soccer Replica Buying Guide: How not to get ripped off when buying Soccer Replica Jerseys & Soccer Replica Gear!

With the 2011-2012 Season, now is the time to get yourTeam Jersey and support the team you love and wear authentic soccer jerseys just like the pros you see on the field.  But beware!  Not all soccer replica is created equal! Authentic soccer replica jerseys are among the most desirable of all Officially Licensed Soccer Replica and cheap knock-offs abound. Here's your quick Soccer Replica Guide:

Is it real Soccer Replica or a cheap knock off? The 6 questions to ask:

Is it too cheap?
You get what you pay for! An authentic replica typically has minimum pricing set by the replica jersey suppliers in terms with their licensing agreement with their partner soccer team, soccer player or soccer club. For adults, you can usually expect officially licensed replica soccer jerseys typically run between $X-$y and Authentic Soccer Replica Shorts to range between $35-$65. (Customized Soccer Replica may cost more.) Youth Soccer Replica where kids soccer jerseys and kids replica uniforms can range from $35-$55.

The important exceptions are Replica Soccer Balls where the pricing can vary due to the quality of the ball. manufacturers do this so that hardcore soccer fans can enjoy the very same Replica World Cup Ball the pro players use during the game and a more affordable World Cup Replica Ball option every fan can enjoy.

Where did you buy it?
Yeah, you can find replica on Ebay, and "big box" retailers, but given the high number of soccer replica knock-offs found in the market, the odds of it being Officially Licensed Replica are... well, let's just say Vegas gives you better odds. Look for reputable, established soccer specific retailers who've been in the market a while. [Hint: We here at Striker Soccer have been selling soccer gear since 1988 & ONLY sells official soccer replica]

Does it have an authentic replica label?
Look for an serialized "Authentic Soccer Replica" or "Officially Licensed Soccer Replica" hologram or label usually found on the collar or waist band for replica soccer uniforms.

What kind of fabric is the Replica made of?
Believe or not, official replica may not be the most durable. Made of the same fabric, in the same factory, by the same manufactures- they are identical to what soccer players wear on field in every way - right down to the stitch-less, thermal bonded, heat-sealed seamless construction. They're lightweight, with no stitched seams to irritate the skin and made to breakaway if grabbed by an opponent. (And makes for those goal scoring, yet embarrassing on-field moments! :) )

Is it branded apparel?
Don't let sponsor logos and manufacturer logos make you think it's not official! Nike Soccer Replica and adidas Soccer Replica, Puma Soccer Replica and even corporate sponsors co-brand replica soccer apparel with their own logos along with the emblem of their endorsed soccer national team or professinoal soccer club team. While these jerseys maybe knocked-off as well, but don't assume these other logos make it un- authentic soccer replica!

Can customizable soccer replica be real?
Yes! A custom soccer replica with your own name and number can be genuine soccer replica! It is important that your customized soccer replica uses the same letter (font) style as the soccer players on the field. And keep in mind each team generally has lettering unique to their soccer club or national team. So to keep it authentic, make sure these heat applied letters for customized soccer replica jerseys are done in authentic lettering by legitimate retailers like Striker Soccer.

Is it sold in a full soccer replica uniform or replica kit (matching and soccer replica shorts & jersey)?
Unless its for very young youth soccer replica kits (toddlers), you can bet it's not official soccer replica.

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