Mueller Quench Gum Pack 170153-T
Mueller Quench Gum Pack
SKU 170153-T



Introducing quench electrolyte sports gum - for athletes to perform at their peak, it is important that they maintain hydration. Dehydration can lead to dry mouth, compromise body function and negatively impact performance. Quench electrolyte sports gum was developed with the athlete in mind. Its unique formula contains electrolytes and a sour taste that makes your mouth water. Quench electrolyte sports gum quenches your thirst and keeps you performing your best.


  • Each pack contains 10 gum sticks.
  • Quench gum is a classic sports gum that can be a bridge to hydration and keeps you in the game.
  • One of the top sports gums in America for decades. A great product for little league and other youth sports.
  • Relieves dry mouth and quenches your thirst. A fun bubble gum enjoyed by kids and adults alike.