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Sergio Kun Aguero is one of football's best striker at the moment. Kun Aguero has had the highest goals per minute ratio in the history of the competition averaging a goal every 109 minutes. During his time with Manchester City Aguero can be seen wearing the Official Nike Manchester City. And when he's not playing in the Premiere League he's terrorizing other teams with Argentina's national team, while wearing the offifical adidas Argentina jersey.

Thanks to his Puma EvoSpeed SL he's been able to speed pass defenders, control the ball with ease and then finishing it all off with a devastating shot to leave the goalie in their place. You can find his cleats here and have them customized.

All of Aguero jerseys, cleats, and more can be found here and can be customized to have Aguero name and number or be part of the team and have your name on it.

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