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Goalkeeping Gloves

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Soccer keeper gloves are essential for keeping the ball out of the back of the net. We carry lines that include the Reusch Re:ceptor, Uhlsport Eliminator, adidas Fingersave, Select 03, and Nike Vapor gloves. Each product has a glove sizing chart and guide to help you find the right goalie glove.

Goalie gloves come in many different styles and colors but they can be summarized into a few key groups. To separate keeper gloves into two main categories you will have GK gloves with finger protection or fingersavers and secondly you will have gloves with no finger protection.

The palm of a keepers glove in soccer is a very important part of the glove for obvious reasons. Having great grip in a goalkeeper glove is a combination of fit, material of the palm and flexibility. The fit of keeper gloves can change based on the fit of the palm. Gloves can have flat palms, rolled fingers or gun cut, negative cut (narrow), or expanse cut (wide). Each cut will fit slightly different to provide the best change to hang on to the ball. The material of a goalie glove is mostly a soft latex and foam material. The combination of these two materials creates a soft surface for absorbing a shot and a sticky or grip surface to hold on to the ball. Latex and foam are used in all gloves for wet grip, dry weather grip, and rubber can be added for harder surfaces for abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistant gloves or hard ground gloves have a textured surface and are the most durable goalie glove style.

Each glove can be customized on the wrist with name, number, flag, or logo.

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