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Soccer Socks

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Soccer socks are a great place to start when picking out your soccer attire. Your socks help to keep your feet dry by wicking away sweat, reduce slipping, and friction that leads to blisters.

Training socks or crew socks for soccer are becoming a more popular item for soccer players. With inspiration from Nike's elite socks there have been new products offered from Nike soccer like the Nike Stadium Crew sock. Also, new product innovation from TruSox has created a non slip sock that grips both your feet and your soccer shoe to create the optimal performance sock. These two socks have created a trend in professional athletes as well as developing athletes to wear top quality crew socks like the TruSox and cut the foot off their game sock to use both socks together.

Over the calf socks, OTC, or soccer socks are long socks that should fit your foot the same as any other sock but the body of the sock is much longer and in some cases can reach above your knee. We carry a mix of thin fit soccer socks like the pearsox ultra lite sock and other cushion, fitted, or compression soccer socks. Some of the top socks like the Nike Classic, Nike Park, adidas Copa Zone, adidas Metro II or Nike Stadium OTC sock come in all team colors and sizes that should fit your needs.

The material of a soccer sock is a mix of various blends of synthetic fibers to make a sock that is soft and durable. Key necessities of a soccer sock are that it stays up, holds your shinguard in place, does not loose its shape, has cushion, is soft and reduces blistering. Cotton soccer socks are hard to find so we would suggest using the TruSox crew sock with your long soccer sock since the TruSox product is mostly cotton in the foot. Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are commonly used in socks to create a nice durable soft sock with spandex or elastic added in for compression to hold your sock in place.

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