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Protective Gear

Carrying a wide range of shinguards for soccer is a necessity and we do our best to offer all the top shinguards that will offer you the best fit and protection. You can customize your shinguards with your own design, name, number, flag or logo.

Shinguard stays are one of the best ways to keep your shinguards in place and hold your socks up. Pick any color guard strap to match your socks.

Field player gloves are a great way to keep warm while playing soccer in the cold.

Tape, wraps, braces and more! If you play soccer then you need to take care of your battle wounds with the products in this category.

Having the right protection in soccer is very important and a good investment into staying on the field under all conditions. We carry a range of soccer shinguards for kids and adults from age two and up.

Shinguards are to be worn by every player at any age. You will find a complete line of soccer shinguards from Nike, adidas, Puma, and Diadora.

Guard stays, shinguard straps, or sock ties are a great accessory to have. These elastic bands attach with velcro on the outside of your sock to hold everything in place better than tape. We do custom guard stays and can produce any color you want in a reversible shinguard strap.

Field player gloves for cold weather keep the player's hands warm as well as adding grip for handling the ball on throw-ins.

We also carry an extensive line of Mueller Sports Medicine products for all types of sport injury prevention and care as well as pre-wrap and tape in a wide range of colors to match your uniform or sock.

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