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Essential Gear for Soccer Teams

If you’re responsible for ordering gear for an entire soccer team, the prospect can be daunting, even if you’ve done it before. To ensure that you choose all the essential products your team needs to succeed on the practice field and in the game, we’ve put together this soccer bag essentials guide. These are items that can be ordered in bulk for an entire team to ensure consistency and to make sure that every one of your players has the best soccer gear they need.

Soccer Team Apparel

Whether you run a club team or a youth intermural league, soccer apparel is going to be first on your list when ordering team essentials. It’s important to make sure you have the right pieces for every situation, from indoor practices to chilly fall games outdoors.

Practice Apparel

During practices, it’s important that your players are comfortable and wearing gear that’s similar enough to what they’ll be wearing on game day. You can choose customized practice jerseys, shorts, and pants to have your team matching from head to toe, or simply stock some basic apparel in moisture-wicking fabric for casual practices.

Uniforms for Gameday

Gameday uniforms are the most important soccer apparel. If you run a club team, consider adding your team as a store and ordering your uniforms in bulk. This will allow you to get customized uniforms complete with player names and numbers at a discount. You can also consider stock uniforms for informal scrimmages or practices.

Soccer Socks

Soccer socks do double duty – protecting your players’ feet from blisters as well as helping to hold shin guards in place. Choose matching custom socks with your team logo, or socks with your team colors. Picking up a few extra pairs for each player can’t hurt – just in case any get lost in the laundry!

Keeper’s Apparel

We can’t forget about goalkeeper’s apparel – it’s the most unique on the team, since keepers are allowed to wear their own gear on the field during games. Still, you may want to coordinate your keeper’s gear with your other team apparel in some way. In addition to the regular practice and game day shorts, pants, shirts, and socks, keepers also require special gloves.

Soccer Shoes


It’s important that you order the proper cleats for the type of turf that your team will be playing on. For example, indoor turf requires different cleats than firm ground turf. If you’re not sure which type of spikes your home field requires, check with the manager before you order.

Off-Field Shoes

For when your players are travelling to and from practice or watching a game from the sidelines, it’s important that they wear off-field shoes. Cleats can get damaged from being worn on pavement or cement, and they can also be tight on your players’ feet if they’re not in the game. All of our off-field shoes are both stylish and customizable, so you can get matching pairs for your entire team if desired.

Equipment and Safety

As a coach or team manager, you know that equipment and safety gear is just as important as your players’ apparel. Make sure you keep all these essentials on hand.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are required by most soccer organizations, so all of your players need to have at least one pair in their soccer bags at all times.

Guard Stays

Guard stays help to keep your players’ shin guards in place and can also be customized with player names and numbers or team logos!

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards prevent painful injuries and are required wear by some leagues. You can order mouth guards in your team colors to make for fun photos with the team.

Water Bottles

Although many players have their own water bottles, your team may appreciate having the option to purchase a customized water bottle with your logo on it. 

Soccer Balls

You can’t play without them – soccer balls are an essential that each member of your team should own. Check out our sizing guide to determine which size your team will need.

Bonus Items to Keep in Your Soccer Bag

Whether you’re a coach, manager, parent, or player, it can never hurt to have these bonus items kicking around in your bag.

    • Bug Spray – don’t let mosquito bites distract your players come game time.
    • Sunscreen – keep your players from getting burned on the field.
    • Hair Ties and Headbands – a must for girl’s and women’s teams!
    • Snack Bars – something with protein and complex carbohydrates is preferable.
    • First Aid Kit – accidents happen!

If you’re responsible for a soccer team as a manager, coach, or involved parent, you know that gathering the appropriate gear is one of your most important jobs. To ensure your team’s success, make sure you have all the necessary essentials ordered ahead of time. This will allow you to pack your soccer bag with confidence before every team event.