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Soccer Cleats for Kids

Which Kids Soccer Shoes Should I Buy?

Soccer is a game that’s almost exclusively played with the feet -that’s why the right shoes are so important. When choosing soccer shoes for your child, the main thing you should consider is the type of ground he/she will be playing on. Soccer can be played both indoors and outdoors, and on natural and man-made surfaces. Therefore, soccer shoes are specifically designed to give the best support, traction, and stability for each different type of surface that. There are four main types of playing surfaces, and four kinds of shoes designed for each surface: firm ground, turf, multi-ground, and indoor.

Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

If you have a child playing outdoor soccer on a grass field, you will most certainly need a pair of firm ground soccer shoes. These are the most common type of soccer shoe. In fact, if you picture a soccer shoe in your mind, this is probably what you think of. These shoes are the classic soccer boot with either blade-shaped or round studs on the bottom. These studs are designed to provide traction and stability on an outdoor grass playing field. Typically, these studs are non-removable and made of plastic or rubber. Shoes designed for firm ground play are usually denoted by an FG in the shoe description.

Turf Soccer Shoes

With the increasing popularity of soccer and the easy maintenance of turf fields, there has been a rise in artificial turf fields, even at the youth level of play. Turf soccer shoes are designed specifically to meet the demands of play on an artificial turf field. While studs on firm ground shoes are spaced-out and longer for stability on a natural ground surface, turf shoes have much shorter rubber studs or patterns on the bottom surface of the shoe. These extremely durable rubber soles provide excellent grip on turf surfaces, giving your player the highest level of both traction and stability.

Multi Ground Soccer Shoes

These shoes are sometimes known as hybrid shoes. They split the difference of hard ground and turf shoes. These cleats are designed for play on both hard ground and artificial surfaces. They have more numerous studs than a typical hard ground shoe, but not so many as a turf shoe. The studs themselves also tend to have multiple shapes and heights to give maximum traction on either surface. This type of cleat would be a good choice for a player who frequently plays on both types of playing surfaces.

Futsal Soccer Shoes

These shoes are designed for indoor and street play. When playing soccer on a hard surface such as a futsal court, a completely different shoe is required from the traditional outdoor shoe. There are no studs on the bottoms of these shoes. Instead, futsal shoes are designed with rubber soles that provide traction and stability for this fast-paced indoor soccer game. While some might be tempted to wear basketball shoes or running shoes, indoor futsal shoes are designed not only to help the player keep up with the quick movements of the game, but to give him/her great ball control as well. If your child is an indoor player or loves street play, this type of shoe is your best option.

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