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Soccer Field Equipment

The Importance of Quality Soccer Equipment

Soccer equipment can be pricey, especially when you are considering a full size goal. While there are cheap options all over the internet, you almost always get what you pay for (i.e. something cheap). If you are looking for quality equipment that will stand the test of time, you should put your trust in brands with longstanding records of quality over time. Authentic Soccer is a licensed retailer of the best brands in soccer equipment, brands like Kwik Goal. They manufacture all of their equipment to the highest levels of durability and safety. Most of their products are guaranteed to be free of defects and to meet the determined lifespan of the specific product that was purchased. With product guarantees and trusted brands, you can feel secure that your purchase will stand up to the rigors of time and wear.

What Soccer Equipment do I need?


Stay on top of your game with some portable training equipment that can go with you wherever you have a spare moment for some practice or a pop-up game. Here are some great items to keep in your arsenal:

Kwik Pop-up Soccer Goal
This goal is perfect for backyard practices, a small-side game at the park, or even a tailgate. Remove it from it’s bag and it pops right into shape, and fold it away just as easily.

Kwick Back Rebounder
This is a must for goalies! Throw the ball at the Rebounder and have it redirected back at you. The Rebounder is perfect for practicing quick hand-eye coordination.


There is seemingly no end to the needs of an average soccer coach. We carry all the soccer equipment you need to keep up with your team:

Gear Bags
We know coaches have to keep up with lots of gear. We carry all sorts of gear specific soccer bags to help you keep track of all of the cones, balls, and other odds and ends.

Agility Training Gear
We have lots of items that will keep your players on their toes. Help them train to be agile and quick with cones drills, training grids, or speed rings.

Miscellaneous Coaching Gear
We carry dry-erase clipboards, score books, stopwatches, pumps, and more. Because, you really do need more soccer gear.

Clubs and Schools

Finally, there are the fields to consider. Check out our great selection of field equipment and gear.

Goals of Every Size
Whether your fielding high schoolers or preschoolers, we carry the right sized goal, and every goal in-between.

Goal Equipment
We carry all of the other incidentals for your goals like: anchors, net fasteners and clips, replacement nets, and goal wheels.

Kwik Goal Wet Striper
An essential part of any field is, of course, the lines. The Kwik Goal Wet Striper is a durable choice and comes with the Kwik Goal guarantee.

The Authentic Soccer Commitment

We are committed to soccer-players, teams, coaches, parents, and fans. So, if you have a need, let us help you meet it. We love to serve our fellow soccer people. Just reach out via email or phone (link to contact page) and we’d love to chat.

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