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Goalkeeping Gloves

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Custom goalkeeper gloves for soccer keepers have been a sign of a professional for years. You can now personalize your own keeper gloves with your name and number and flag. Choose any of our custom keeper gloves to complete your keeper uniform.

Each glove is designed with a close-to-skin fit and grip technology, which uses foam, to help you catch the ball easier. With each glove, there is also an emphasis on stability and mobility, using the wrist straps to create a good, stable feel, while making sure they are located low enough on the wrist to allow for greater mobility.

Two of the major brands that we offer are Reusch and Adidas. Reusch is one of the top goalkeeping gloves in the world with a number of top players wearing them. They employ a soft grip foam that allows for a reliable grip. Reusch gloves also have expanded outer seams, which allow for a larger surface area to catch the ball. The pre-spreaded fingers make it more comfortable.

Adidas also makes good, reliable gloves. They created the revolutionary “fingersave” design that provides the goalie with more stability and maintains contact with the ball when they catch it.

How to Pick the Right Goalie Gloves

When you are picking a goalie glove, there are multiple considerations to keep in mind. Below is a quick primer. Also, be sure to check out the helpful chart at the bottom of each product page that helps you identify what specific features each glove has.

Training, Game, and All Weather Gloves - Every goalkeeper should have both practice and game gloves. Training gloves have a gripping agent that grips less than game gloves, but holds up longer for daily use. While game gloves are the highest quality gloves available, they aren’t designed to hold up under daily use. They’re coated with a special clinging agent for maximum gripping. However, this agent wears off with use, and therefore should only be used in match situations. All weather gloves - are made to protect the wearer in extreme weather conditions. The latex on the palms of all weather gloves is designed to actually grip better in wet conditions.

Sizing - Choosing the right size glove is crucial for your best performance. Not all gloves fit the same, though. Before ordering a glove, check the chart on the item page for a description of whether a glove runs true to size, smaller, or larger. Also, if you are unsure of your size, please check out our glove sizing guide to help you find your right measurement.

Finger protection - Some gloves are manufactured with spines inside the glove to protect your fingers from hard-kicked balls. This feature is especially helpful for upper level players to protect them from injuries.

Recommended playing surface - Check the chart at the bottom of a glove’s product page to find the recommended playing surface for a particular glove.

Popular Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Grip 3 - Grip 3 technology is especially sticky to help you get out of sticky situations. The wrapped thumb, index, and small finger give enhanced control. And, the back of the glove has mesh for ventilation.

Reusch Reload Prime S1 - This glove has outstanding grip properties in both wet and dry conditions. It also boasts of great cushioning for saving even the hardest shot. And, side mesh helps keep players cool even when the game gets heated.

Nike Premier SGT - This glove has a laser etched pattern on the palm for excellent gripping. The palm is made of 4mm of foam for shot impact absorption and enhanced grip. And, the bio-align technology keeps your hand in ready catching position.

Types of Custom Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

There are three main cuts of goalkeeper glove: flat, rolled, and negative. Understanding the differences, especially the fit, will help you pick the right glove for you.

Flat gloves - These have a flat palm made from one piece of material. They fit looser on the hand, for those who like more freedom of movement.

Rolled gloves – These gloves give a tighter fit, because the sides of the fingers and palm are rolled around and stitched to the back of the glove, giving a rolled appearance.

Negative gloves – Negative gloves give the tightest fit and are often recommended for those with thinner hands. These gloves have the finger stitching on the inside (or negative side) of the glove.

Custom/Personalized Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers have always held the most unique position on the soccer field. And, as the only usable hands on the field, they should be both dangerous and distinctive. At Authentic Soccer you can create a personalized pair of goalie gloves as individual as you are. You can customize any glove we sell with your name and number, a specific text, a team logo/flag, or send us your own creative design. At Authentic Soccer, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality custom goalie gloves.

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