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Priority Shipping CODE: SHIP100FREE for orders over $100 Excludes MY TEAM Orders, and International Shipments

Soccer Shoes for Men

Firm ground soccer cleats are made for natural grass surfaces. The outsole of these shoes typically have various stud patterns from bladed studs to conical / round studs or a mix of both styles.
Hard ground soccer cleats and artificial grass soccer shoes are typically made with 25 or more studs on the bottom for extremely hard grass surfaces or field turf.
Soft ground soccer cleats have removable studs or screw-in cleats for very wet, muddy, soft fields. This allows for deeper cleat penetration into the turf for better grip.
All turf soccer cleats use a rubber bottom or outsole to give a more comfortable feel on your feet as well as a good grip to many surfaces

Futsal soccer shoes and Futsal shoes are made for casual wear or play on hard surfaces such as a gym floor, street, court, and some artificial turf surfaces.

Sandals, slides, or sliders are an essential item to wear before you put on your cleats as well as after you are done. Extend the life of your cleats by putting less miles on your shoes to and from the car.

Men’s Custom Soccer Cleats

Highlight your fancy footwork with a pair of customized soccer cleats. We carry all the best names and models in soccer footwear. And, just like those big name players wear custom shoes, you too can customize your soccer boots to be as individual as you are. At Authentic Soccer, we can customize your shoes as much or as little as you’d like. Simply print your name and number or your team or country’s flag on your shoes. Or, get creative and really personalize your cleats with your own design or image.

Custom Team Soccer Cleats

Looking for matching team shoes to round out your uniform? Look no further. Have your team’s logo customized on your players’ cleats. Or, have each player’s number and name printed on their cleats. We’ve perfected the customization process since 2006. And, customization only adds 1-2 days onto your order. We offer special pricing on team orders, too!

Choosing the Right Custom Soccer Cleat

When choosing your cleats, it’s important to know which type you need for the ground you play on. Read on to learn the difference between hard ground, firm ground, and soft ground cleats.

Artificial Hard Ground

These cleats are designed especially for play on artificial surfaces such as turf or artificial grass. Because studs cannot penetrate the field surface, these cleats are designed with smaller studs that won’t get caught and cause injuries.

Firm Ground

These are the most common cleat style. They are designed for natural grass fields, which is where most soccer in the world is played. Firm ground cleats give traction and stability. They generally have non-removable studs that are designed to penetrate the field surface giving grip and traction for players in most playing conditions.

Soft Ground

These cleats come with studs of varying sizes designed to perform well in very slippery or muddy conditions. The removable studs give players the option of changing cleat size depending on the field conditions.

Custom soccer cleats made easy

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