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Soccer Goal Buying Guide

Kwik Goal Soccer Goal Buying Guide Checklist

Many soccer goals look alike. However, it is important to evaluate all the aspects of a soccer goal before making any decisions. Most companies publish the basic specifications in their literature, and Kwik Goal is no different. This should allow some basic comparisons (price, material, size, accessories included, etc.). Unfortunately, the following details are usually revealed AFTER a goal is purchased, so makes sure you look into these specific areas before making any decisions.


  • Yes No:
  • ( ) ( ) 1. Does the product meet ASTM standards in all field conditions?
  • ( ) ( ) 2. Are all warning/safety labels affixed to goal when purchased? Including labels with a goal does not guarantee that maintenance personnel or volunteers will apply them properly or even apply them at all.
  • ( ) ( ) 3. Can the goal post be easily inspected by officials or coaches prior to the game without moving the goal or using a step ladder? Are all fasteners visible?
  • ( ) ( ) 4. Does the product have sharp edges? Particularly near the playing area?
  • ( ) ( ) 5. Does the weight factor of the goal pose a problem in moving or storage?
  • ( ) ( ) 6. Does the product have child entrapment or potential pinch points?
  • Comments/notes:______________________________________________________


  • ( ) ( ) 8. Is the goal “field surface friendly” if being utilized on synthetic turf? Is bottom smooth so it does not damage the synthetic surface when the goal is moved? Is the goal resting on a level surface? Are surface appropriate anchors available?
  • ( ) ( ) 9. Will the anchoring system included with the goal function in all soil or field conditions?
  • ( ) ( ) 10. Do the assembly instructions include directions on how to test your goal after anchoring to make sure it meets all standards?
  • ( ) ( ) 11. Have there been options added to the goal so that alternative anchoring system can be applied?
  • Comments/notes:______________________________________________________


  • ( ) ( ) 12. Are the wheel options that are available functional and are there loose parts when moving them? Example, you should not have to remove or replace fasteners when putting down or lifting wheels?
  • ( ) ( ) 13. Is there more than 1 bolt at each joint so there is always a safety backup at the joint?
  • ( ) ( ) 14. Is there proper overlap length (at least 3 inches) for parts that telescope together?
  • ( ) ( ) 15. Are manufacturing imperfection hidden by paint coating (i.e. wrinkle finish)
  • ( ) ( ) 16. Has a wrinkle finish been put on the product to cover up imperfections in manufacturing?
  • ( ) ( ) 17. Are all parts through-bolted so the goal can’t come apart even if fasteners become loose? Example, even though a set screw is in place, the associated parts may not be properly connected.
  • ( ) ( ) 18. Is a high quality finished used (i.e. powder coated)?
  • Comments/notes:______________________________________________________


  • ( ) ( ) 19. Can the goal be put together using simple hand tools only, or are power tools and special expertise required for safety?
  • ( ) ( ) 20. Are there many small parts to assemble?
  • ( ) ( ) 21. Can multiple goals be easily broken down for storage and be reassembled using parts from a like-model goal?
  • Example, some companies require the customer to drill holes in each goal to finish assembly; failure to put a part back in the same goal and even the same side will prevent the goal from being put back together.
  • ( ) ( ) 22. Does the design allow the goal to be disassembled in sections for storage and ease of reassembly?
  • ( ) ( ) 23. Are comprehensive instructions provided with the goal?
  • Comments/notes:______________________________________________________

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