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Soccer Ball Sizing By Age

Choosing the right size soccer ball for a player matters more than you might think. This is especially important for younger players who might find a larger ball difficult of frustrating to play with. Typically, your soccer league will determine the size balls they recommend for your players, so check with them first. Otherwise, here are some guidelines for choosing a ball that will be proportionally sized for you or your player.

Soccer Ball Size Player Age Approximate Ball Circumfrence
Mini/Skills/1 All ages 18" - 20"
Midi/2 All ages 20" - 22"
3 Under 8 23" - 24"
4 8 to 12 25" - 26"
5 12 and up 27" - 28"

*Player Age values are suggestions. Please check with your coach or organization to determine what size ball you will need.

Size 1 - Mini Skills Ball

These balls are approximately 18-20 inches in circumference. They are used by players of all ages. They’re not intended for match play, but are very helpful for developing skills while practicing. These balls are also fun for collecting and can be custom printed for gifts or trophies.

Size 2 - Midi Skills Ball

These balls are 20-22 inches in circumference. They are just a slightly bigger version of the Mini Skills Ball. Again, they are useful for practice or fun as collectables.

Size 3

These balls are 23-24 inches in circumference and are recommended for the youngest players. Generally, kids start to graduate out of this size around age 8.

Size 4

These balls are 25-26 inches in circumference. They are recommended for youth around the age of 8-12. Though players in this range may want to move up to a size 5 early, it’s recommended that they use this size ball in order to properly hone their skill development.

Size 5

These balls are 27-28 inches in circumference. Generally, players can start handling this ball around age 12. This is the largest size ball and the size used for high school, college, and professional play.