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Soccer Socks Sizing Guide

Soccer Socks

Buying Soccer Socks can be a very tricky thing if you don't know your size. We have broken down the different sizes of soccer socks and your soccer shoe size that matches. Long soccer socks stretch very far to get a nice tight fit. The reason for this is to prevent blisters or any other discomfort while wearing your soccer cleats. The length of soccer socks are designed to come up to your knee at the very least. You can always roll, fold, or tuck your soccer sock to your prefered height on your leg. The " Size" is the size you will find in the drop down boxes when ordereing a sock. The "US Sock Size" is what you will find printed on the label of every sock. The "Youth/Men's Shoe Size" and "Women's Shoe Size" are the matching soccer shoe size that you wear. Use your shoe size to find the appropriate soccer sock size. Size US Sock Size Youth/Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
XS See adidas XS socks
Junior/Youth Small 7 - 9 10T - 4Y n/a
Intermediate/Youth Large 9 - 11 4.5Y - 8 5.5 - 10.5
Adult 10 - 13 8.5 - 12 11 - 12 Size adidas Size US Sock Size Youth/Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
XS/Toddler XS 9c - 1Y 9c - 1Y n/a
Junior/Youth Small Small 13c - 4Y 13c - 4Y n/a
Intermediate/Youth Large/Men's Medium 5Y - 8.5 5Y - 8.5 5 - 9.5
Men's Large 9 - 13 9+s 10+