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A MY Team Store makes it easier for players to get their uniforms and gear.

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Benefits of a MY Team Store

Discounted Bulk Pricing

Discounted bulk team pricing. Club pricing on uniforms will be determined before your online store is set up. You can expect at least 30% off retail price.

Quick Response

We understand that players may need uniforms right away, so we make every accommodation possible to get them their uniforms so they don't miss a game.

Earn Club Points!

The manager/coach or team account receives points based on items sold. Points are applied for all items sold to members of their club.

Cash Rebates

Receive rebates back on items sold. Cash rebates can be built into the online prices of uniforms based on the club's needs, or rebates will be paid twice per year. Rebates are a minimum of 10% off the order total, at retail value.

Discount Equipment

Discounted training and coaching equipment is available to managers and coaches in a special section of the store. Some of these products are available with club branding.

Gift Cards

An online gift card will be sent to the club for 5% of the projected spend. This can be used by the club to place orders for any items the club may need. Since the gift card is based on the projected spend, the club can use the gift card to purchase samples or order promotional items prior to tryouts.

Place Orders 24/7/365

Players and Supporters can place orders any time year round.

Receive Marketing Support

For tournaments and tryouts


How Cash Rebates Work

For example, if you order 500 Jerseys that have a retail value of $40 that would yield $20,000 worth of product at retail value, and $2,000 in rebates. Although the club price may be $26 per shirt, we use retail value to calculate your promo dollars. The total amount of promo dollars can be used to purchase branded products using the retail price as the guide.

Inventory Guarantee

We purchase 120% of the expected order size weeks ahead of players or families placing their orders, and items are replenished weekly based on inventory. This ensures uniforms are ready when you need them, and that there will be enough.