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Custom Soccer Balls

Custom soccer balls are growing in popularity every day. is the online place where you can choose from any color printing on your custom soccer ball or add a full color logo or picture. Each panel of a soccer ball can be customized to your specifications.

Soccer balls are made in sizes 3, 4, and 5 for practice and game play. There are also balls for training, such as mini skills ball or grande trainer balls. Every size soccer ball can be customized or personalized. Some of the top brands are Select, Nike, adidas, Puma, Diadora, and Joma. Each ball has a different design and we like to work with that design to add your name, number, or logo to the ball. Most match soccer balls look great with your teams logo!

Nike soccer balls are some of the popular balls to customize with a player name and number. Select soccer balls are popular with coaches to add the team logo on the ball. adidas soccer balls are used for the world cup and champions league and can be personalized as well.

For team discounts on custom logo soccer balls to be used for team gifts, match days, or training, please call 1.888.335.4625 for our discounted pricing as well as printing.

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Custom Soccer Balls

At Authentic Soccer, we’re proud to offer the best in customized soccer balls for teams and individuals. Whether you need a standout match ball for your team, customized balls for your soccer camp, or you’d just like a one-of-a-kind ball of your own design, we’ve got you covered. Unlike most other shops, there’s no minimum order. Each personalized soccer ball is custom printed to your exact specifications for logo placement, color, and size. And, with over seven years of research and development, you can trust that our proven method of printing will hold up over time.

We are the only store in the world that allows you to print on any stock ball that we offer. And, with so many types of balls to choose from, you can find the right ball to meet your budget. So, whether you’re looking for a game ball, a creatively customized ball, or a trophy ball, choose Authentic Soccer to deliver you the highest quality custom soccer balls available.

What Kind of Soccer Ball Should I Buy?

When purchasing a new soccer ball, there are several factors to take into consideration. Knowing a bit about the construction and requirements of different soccer balls can help you make an informed decision about which ball is right for you. There are a few essentials that characterize all good soccer balls such the ability to maintain a spherical shape, minimal water absorption, good air retention, accurate ball flight, and proper weight. These elements are more stringently maintained depending on the level of play that a ball is designed for, with the highest-level being world class play. Here’s a quick primer to help get you started.

  • FIFA Approved or Pro Match Ball

    These balls are manufactured with the highest quality materials and made with the best possible construction. Manufacturers pay to have these balls tested in areas of weight, circumference, sphericity, pressure loss, water absorption, rebound, and balance. These balls must meet the highest possible standards for the greatest level of play. Expect to pay the most for balls that meet this standard. These balls are marked with the FIFA Quality PRO logo.

  • FIFA Quality or Premier Match Play

    These balls are tested in the same way as FIFA Approved balls but meet a slightly lower standard. Identify them by the FIFA Quality logo. (All FIFA Approved and FIFA Quality balls are made with ethical human and environmental practices and are approved by the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry.)

  • NCAA Approved Balls

    These balls are tested and approved for NCAA play. They undergo similar tests as FIFA quality balls and meet the standards set by the NCAA for college level play. Look for an NCAA logo.

  • Match Play

    These balls are high quality balls made for match play at the high school or club level. Often, they have a NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations) logo.

  • Training Balls

    These are your go-to balls for everyday use. They’re designed to take the wear and tear of daily use.

  • NFHS

    The NFHS authenticating mark delineates soccer balls that are approved for play in interscholastic competition. Some testing requirements to achieve this mark are: spherical, made of leather or suitable material that is weather resistant, of a circumference not more than 70cm, not more than 453g (16 oz) in weight and not less than 396g (14 oz) at the start of the match, and a ball that shall be inflated to manufacturer's recommended pressure.

  • Camp Balls

    We also offer camp balls which are similar to training soccer balls. These are our lowest cost soccer ball and are also popular when using for promotional purposes!

Futsal Soccer Balls

Futsal soccer is a fast-paced, small court game that requires a different kind of ball than regular soccer. The main difference between a futsal ball and a regular soccer ball is the bounce. Futsal balls are filled with cotton to decrease the rebound of a ball. These kinds of balls are necessary on small courts with hard surfaces. Futsal is an excellent way for soccer players to increase skill during the winter months and a great sport in its own right. Check out our great selection of futsal and street balls.

Soccer Ball Accessories

Authentic Soccer has everything you need to keep your soccer game moving along. Check out our wide selection of team and individual ball bags, pumps, and training tools.