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Panama mostly played tournaments in there region where they have yet to win the Gold Cup. Los Canaleros will not let them bother them as they will go into the World Cup head high as they fought hard to get there for the first time.

You can find all the authentic Panama soccer jerseys here from both home and away jerseys to shorts, t-shirts, training jerseys, and more. Most items can be customized or personalized with either your name and number or with the authentic names and numbers of Felipe Baloy, Adolfo Machado and all other members of the World Cup team.

Panama almost qualified for the 2014 World Cup but 2 late goals from the US shattered there dreams. Four years later they came back stronger and fought harder than ever. As they qualify for the world cup and exact revenge on the USA as Panama beat Costa Rica to gain 3 points and eventually knock out the USA beating them by 1 point.

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