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Club Deportivo Guadalajara is more often known as Guadalajara but most of the time they are called las Chivas meaning the goats in spanish. They are a Mexican professional football club based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. They play in the first division of football in the Mexican league called "Liga MX" where they never been relegated. Chivas offer fans products from there collection to buy. There main product is their official adidas home jersey where fans can buy and get there name customized on the jersey.

As one of the most iconic football clubs in Mexico, Chivas represents more than just a sports team; it embodies a cultural identity and a sense of pride for millions of supporters. The club's commitment to fielding an all-Mexican squad is a unique and cherished aspect, fostering a connection between the team and the nation. The iconic red and white striped jerseys, the historic Estadio Akron, and the passionate atmosphere created by the ChivaHermanos (Chivas brothers) fanbase contribute to the vibrant matchday experience. Chivas' rich history, marked by numerous domestic titles, further solidifies its legendary status.

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