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Men's Soccer Jerseys & Uniforms

Professional teams from Europe, MLS, Central America, and South America have all the cool soccer jerseys. We carry popular authentic official jerseys from national federations and professional club teams. If you are trying to get the same look for you local team we also have our team uniforms that match up with the pro teams and can be customized to create your own inspired design.

Official and authentic men's soccer jerseys are one of the top items for any soccer fan or player. In some cases both the Authentic and Official jerseys are available to purchase and in other cases only the official jersey can be purchased at retail. The differences in an authentic soccer jersey verses the official, stadium soccer jersey are small in looks but big in performance and durability. An authentic piece of a soccer kit is made purely for performance for the pro athlete wearing it for one game. An official licensed jersey, stadium jersey or for lack of a better term official replica jersey is an official jersey made from the same manufacturer under the same quality checks. The difference is these items are made for the fan and someone who will wear it more than once. The materials are about the same but the jerseys are constructed with better stitching, embroidered patch and other items that add weight to the shirt. Not by much, but to the pro athlete every ounce counts and durability does not. Having said that, some professional teams do not have a distinction between authentic and official replica, so the jersey on the shelf is the same as what they are wearing on TV.

Our catalog of soccer team jerseys is very extensive and overwhelming. We bring a selection of jerseys that have points of difference so that the collection is not redundant. Team discounts and pricing are available and will be posted online for your review. Uniforms for you team show your identity which is why we are the best. Since 1988 we have been able to help in a club's branding image through their uniforms but more importantly their logo applications, custom numbers and overall kit because there are only so many colors and brands you can choose from. We have mastered the details of customization and we can add value to your teams uniforms.

We offer custom uniforms through adidas, Nike, Diadora, and more. Some of the programs are with miadidas and nikeid which provide online customization with little to no minimums. We also can turn your stock uniform into a custom kit with a few embellishments to bring you our stock custom program which offers no minimums and fast turn around.

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